What is Nitros?

Nitros is a smart shipping software that provides professional shipment management solutions for individuals and e-store owners and connects them directly and easily with shipping carriers.

What services does Nitros provide?

With Nitros, you can set up products and orders, then send them to your customers through the shipping carriers are available on Nitros. You can also link your e-store with Nitros and give customers a unique shipping experience.

How much does it cost to use Nitros?

You can choose one of the following packages:

      Basic: You need an easy and fast solution without a monthly subscription.

      Standard: You have daily shipments and want low shipping rates.

      Advanced: You need to integrate your website with local and international shipping companies.

What is the benefit for me as an online retailer / e-commerce retailer using Nitros?

ï       Create and print shipping labels.

ï       Automatic updates (email & SMS) to your customers to follow their shipment tracking.

ï       Best shipping rates up to 88% Discount.

ï       Connect to all shipping carriers.

ï       View and track shipments.

How can I get in touch with Nitros with customer service to get further details?

You can contact us through the following:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile phone: +966504166027

Does using Nitros require certain technical skills?

You don’t need any technical skills; all you need is your knowledge to use a computer or smart devices.

Should I use a specific app or buy a specific device to be able to use Nitros?

Not at all, all you need is a laptop, a computer or a tablet connected to the Internet.

How long does it take to activate my account as a retailer to use Nitros and get started?

Your account will be activated immediately.

Are Nitros shipping services available for certain regions only?

Nitros serves you in delivering your shipments to all cities and villages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international shipping.

How can I link and activate the shipping carriers through Nitros?

You will not have to do anything, companies are activated by default on your dashboard, but if you want to add a specific company, we are happy to do so by submitting your suggestion on the Contact Us page.

Can I activate as many shipping and delivery companies as I want?

All companies are activated for you when you subscribe to any package.

Are there specific shipping and delivery companies that I must adhere to dealing with?

  No, but it will not be possible for some of them to appear according to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regions and their branches are available according to geographical distribution.

What e-commerce platforms integrate with Nitros?

Nitros integrates with platforms: Salla, Zed, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart and more

Does Nitros provide shipping and packaging boxes and supplies?

No, it is provided to you by shipping companies.